Memorial Wall Tributes.

Precious Little Angels Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman.


Best Friends Forever.

Two beautiful little girls, born of sugar & spice,
purest lilly white doves, released from Paradise.
Innocent, flawless, Angelic, both of them yes,
short lived maybe, but not loved any less.

Eternal love will continuously reach you,
untouched by others, unopened brand new.
An unseen love, bound for Heaven departs,
only two keys can open this love, Holly & Jessica's hearts.

Best friends in life, so bright, so clever,
companions now in the afterlife, always together, forever.
Safely kept in Heaven, Jesus is your friend,
holding hands with Him, Paradise has no end.

Running, playing, laughing out loud, in tranquil pastures green,
playing football with Man Utd players, that was once only a dream.
All the little Angels in Heaven, friends to both of you,
we will keep you in our Hearts, until our time is due.

Two priceless treasures from Soham, were lost the very same day,
for a divine Heavenly purpose, God shows Holly & Jessica the way.
Angel status earned now given, reserved for the chosen few,
You watch over our children, preventing what happened to you.

Andy Hughes.

Copyright © Andrew Hughes 2010.

Memorial Wall Video Tribute For Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman.

God Bless You Holly & Jessica.